Typical Usage Areas Of Our Products

The Keep Clip™ is specially designed for areas that receive everyday use and abuse. It’s called the Keep Clip™
because that’s what it does; it keeps ceiling panels in place, intact and looking as attractive as the day they were
installed. At the same time, this grid accessory component permits 100 percent access to the plenum.

The Problem

The Solution

As ceiling heights drop in response to the demand for reduced heating and ventilating costs, the chance for damaging the ceiling increases. The Keep Clip™ absorbs the impact of a bump or scuff and then springs the panel back into place. The ability to withstand mischief and maintenance damage makes the Keep Clip™ ideal for places with heavy activity or with low ceilings.

When the Keep Clip™ is installed, the ceiling panel resists the outside wind. Humidity can also pose problems in facilities such as swimming pools and showers. The Keep Clip™, in combination with a humidity-resistant ceiling board, helps the ceiling maintain its integrity and good looks.

Clean Rooms often need strict particulate control as well as frequent plenum access. The Keep Clip™ turns both requirements into a simple task.

From locker room to lobbies, hotels to hospitals, restaurants to racquetball courts, the Keep Clip™ prevents day-to-day activities from ruining a ceiling. The product also benefits users desiring “holddown” capability by eliminating the panel flutter and rattle often associated with vestibules and lightweight ceiling systems. And when its time to wash the ceiling: there’s no hassle with taking the panels down and then reinstalling them.

Keep Maintenance Cost Down

All of this translates into savings for the user. The expense of cleaning and repairing a ceiling can be avoided by building maintenance into the ceiling system. Keep your maintenance costs down as you keep your ceiling appearance up. With the Keep Clip™.